English for internazionalization

21-28 aprile e 5-12-24-26 maggio 2011

This course is designed to help all people working in an international context who do business with a range of different cultures. It will help people manage their business more effectively by improving their communication skills and English language competency.


Module 1
- language structures (danger verbs, time reference
- business expressions
- false friends (vocabulary)
- pronunciation
Module 2
Company Talk explores how to present your company, product and or services, how to talk about yourself and your
role and how to build rapport with your business clients or partners
Module 3
Communication Skills presents the language of English on the telephone with the essential phrases for effective
telephone management and Writing effective emails with the essential phrases for writing emails
Module 4
The International Fair looks at the most important language needed when working in a Trade Fair e.g. making
contact and managing information, managing the stand, managing new and returning clients and following up on contacts and correspondence

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